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Restore Tongue Mobility with Precision!

Tongue tie is more than just a congenital condition – it’s a hindrance to the natural movement of your tongue. At Pearline Health, our surgical procedures aim to release the tightness, ensuring you and your loved ones can speak, eat, and smile effortlessly. Experience the transformation in tongue mobility with our Tongue Tie Release surgery.

What to Expect During a Tongue Tie Release Surgery?

The surgery, also known as frenectomy, targets the lingual frenum found under the tongue.
Two incisions are made to remove the restrictive piece of tissue.
Post removal, the wound is carefully closed using resorb-able sutures, granting your tongue the freedom it needs.

Recognizing the Need for Surgery

A tongue tie can be more than just a visible shortness or tightness of tissue; it can manifest in various issues across ages.
Infants might struggle with latching during feeding, a primary sign of tongue tie.
Articulation problems in children and adults can arise from restricted tongue movement.
Difficulties in everyday activities, such as chewing and swallowing, can be due to this condition.
Oral hygiene concerns or practical challenges while speaking or eating might signal the need for surgery.
Persistent pain or discomfort in the tongue area should be addressed promptly.

Regain Full Tongue Mobility Today!