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Teeth Cleaning

Having your teeth cleaned regularly is about more than just keeping your teeth looking good. Cleanings every 3 months keep your body healthy.

The science is quite simple.

  • When you eat, some of your food gets left behind.
  • Bacteria then feeds on that food and proliferates.
  • As the bacteria proliferates, it causes the tissue that holds your teeth in place to become inflamed as a result of your body’s immune response. We call this gum disease.

Why is gum disease so bad?

  • The unhealthy effects of gum disease are not just limited to your mouth.
  • There is a strong correlation between gum disease and systemic diseases.
  • Your mouth is connected to your whole body via your veins and arteries. This connection means that the inflammatory reaction in your mouth can attack and damage areas away from your mouth such as the blood vessels of your heart and brain and contribute to problems such as hypertension, chronic heart disease, dementia, strokes and even Covid.
  • In addition, the imbalance of bad bacteria over good bacteria can lead to the release of toxins that are linked to serious illnesses.

Every 6 months is not enough.

  • When you get your teeth cleaned, the hygienist removes the bacteria that causes gum disease.
  • Research has shown that bad oral bacteria begin to outnumber good oral bacteria at the 3-month mark after your last cleaning.
  • Having a cleaning every 3 months will help maintain the healthy bacterial balance in your mouth and improve your overall health.

The answer.

  • At Pearline Health, we make it easy and affordable to have your teeth cleaned every 3 months.