About us

Dr. Jamie Sands knows what’s wrong with dentistry and is on a mission to fix it.

In her last 20+ years as a dentist, Dr. Sands has concluded that the traditional practice of dentistry is antiquated and needs to change. Dentists have always done fillings, crowns, implants and surgeries in the same office as routine dental cleanings. This combination has meant that people who need a routine cleaning lose time waiting for doctors and experience fear hearing drills.

She imagined separating cleanings from her office and moving them to beautiful and tranquil spaces that people would want to visit. These studios would invite people to take their healthcare into their own hands by making it simple for them to get their teeth cleaned.

Dr. Sands partnered with Carolyn Yashari Becher, an entrepreneur with a career in building mission-driven organizations such as HopSkipDrive and the Neuromuscular Disease Foundation, and Pearline Health was born. Together they have merged teledentistry with their proprietary cutting-edge technology to make better overall health more accessible, convenient and affordable for all.