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Oral Health in Overall Wellness

Watching your health starts with watching your mouth

Sometimes, our oral health gets overlooked when we consider taking care of the overall health of our bodies. But the truth is, oral health is deeply connected to our overall wellness. It’s important to give adequate attention to our mouths when we desire to live holistically healthy lives. Let’s take a look at the connection between the two so we can be aware of the risks as well as understand the opportunity for prevention. 

Oral health affects more than your mouth

The concept of oral health is simple, and yet its capacity to affect more than your mouth is exponentially greater. Simply put, maintaining a clean mouth will prevent the bad bacteria from congregating in your mouth. This bad bacteria is easily treatable and harmless when quickly attended to. (We have harmless bacteria in most parts of our body.) But, when left alone for too long, some bacteria can lead to problems like gum disease, which is where the heavier damage comes into play. 

As a conduit to your entire body through veins and arteries, the mouth carries heavy influence in your body, specifically to your digestive and respiratory tracts. When gum disease enters the scene, it has ties to other systemic diseases and is not only contained to the mouth. The inflammatory reaction has access to negatively impacting other parts of your body, such as the blood vessels of your heart and your brain. You can see how this quickly becomes serious, all from a preventable fix!

Sometimes the cause of gum disease can also stem from existing diseases, like diabetes or HIV/AIDS, that tend to weaken your body’s ability to fight off infection. This creates an easier path for oral health issues to take root.  

Why typical dentist visits don’t cut it 

As always, brushing twice a day and flossing is your daily part of the battle in preventing more serious oral health issues. And routine cleanings at your typical dentist usually occur twice a year. But, with a 6-month gap between visits, studies show that the bad bacteria in your mouth will have already overpowered the good bacteria in that time frame, opening the door for more serious health issues.

It’s recommended to adjust the visits to 3-month gaps instead. And we know what you’re thinking-I can’t afford that! We get it, and we invite you to be a part of the Pearline Health experience, where your 3-month visits are not only affordable, but they are a breeze!   

Why Pearline offers the best guest experience

At Pearline Health, we’ve taken intentional measures to ensure your experience is painless, cost-effective, and efficient. We pride ourselves on our 30-minute studio visits. Cleanings don’t need to overpower your schedule, and they certainly don’t need to dictate your wallet. 

Let us show you how a 3-month visit to our Clean Specialists is exactly what you’re looking for as you pursue your overall health. 

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